Extreme poverty is the largest humanitarian crisis on the planet today

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We're fueling sustainable,  scalable and replicable microfinance solutions to help the extremely poor improve their lives
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Network with other inspired individuals,  changemakers and doers speaking up on behalf of the Bottom Billion people
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"Poverty is not natural. It is manmade and can be overcome by the actions of human beings." Nelson Mandela

Portfolio + Blog, premium wordpress theme
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Our Mission

At the Bottom Billion Fund, our mission is to invest in sustainable, scalable and replicable market-based microfinance solutions that effectively serve those living in extreme poverty on less than $1.25 a day: the Bottom Billion.  

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Our Model

We help the best of traditional finance and microfinance do more to help the extremely poor. We support microfinance to the Bottom Billion through market-based investments, prioritize rigorous measurement of client results, and financially reward these positive results. 
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The Impact

Our commitment to achieve social results through market-based solutions will help involve more Bottom Billion people in the global financial marketplace and enable them to proactively contribute their ideas, energies and talents to ending extreme poverty in our lifetime.
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Our Founders

Tom Coleman is a financial economist and humanitarian who spent the first half of his career as VP of R&D at the Chicago Board of Trade and the last 16 years consulting to microfinance organizations around the globe, helping the best of finance help the poor.
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Our Promise

Our promise is to economically empower the Bottom Billion by partnering only with microfinance institutions committed to safe and transparent microfinance practices, keeping the best interest of their clients first and foremost.
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Join a network of inspired individuals, change-makers and doers who believe that through commitment of mind, money and voice, we can accelerate financial inclusion for all on the planet, help save lives, and accelerate the end of extreme poverty.