Our Investments / Our Donors and Social Investors


To maximize the provision of microfinance services for Bottom Billion people and to minimize the costs of administering BBF investments in Bottom Billion Microfinance, the Bottom Billion Fund (BBF) accepts donations for BBF loan capital and for BBF operating expenses. We seek to keep our operating expenses as low as possible while still doing the highest quality job possible of identifying, placing, administering, and monitoring investments in MFIs. Our first priority is improving the lives of Bottom Billion people and giving our donors documented feedback that this is being accomplished.

Social Investors

The BBF is eager to find ways to be as flexible and creative as possible in bringing capital to Bottom Billion Microfinance that produces documented benefits for Bottom Billion clients.  For social investors interested in placing larger amounts of capital in BBF investments, the BBF is willing to explore selected individual investments in which investors would be able to receive the return of their principal when the MFI repays the investment, with investors bearing the full risk of the investment.

If you are a social investor who would like to explore investment opportunities with the Bottom Billion Fund, please contact us.


A Special Message for Donors and Social Investors

Your Decision to Give and Invest With Bottom Billion Fund Will Directly Impact Bottom Billion People

Your decision to give and invest with us is not ultimately about the Bottom Billion Fund or our highly valued MFI Partners, but it is about Bottom Billion people being served and helped to leave extreme poverty. It is about giving people like you the opportunity to help Bottom Billion people effectively by putting some of your capital to work until extreme poverty is history.

We Leverage Your Donations to Work to the Fullest

BBF permanent loan capital is lent not spent. 

Instead of your donation be spent once, BBF multiplies the impact of your donation by lending it over and over again. This way, your contribution benefits Bottom Billion people today and Bottom Billion people in the future, too.  Your giving to the Bottom Billion Fund will help Bottom Billion people through the provision of basic financial services and training to build their capacity and confidence in their skills and hard work.

Why Microfinance is a Worthy Investment

  • Microfinance gives clients the opportunity and dignity to take greater control of their lives
  • Microfinance supports self-sufficiency and self-determination
  • If you want the highest financial return possible, investment in Bottom Billion Microfinance is probably not for you. Yet if you want to participate in a more sustainable solution that can help to bring about economic and social results for Bottom Billion people, Bottom Billion Microfinance can be of interest to you
    • The very few MF investments with the highest financial returns tend to serve the global middle class and are unlikely to reach many, if any, Bottom Billion people.  While MF investments in MF serving the global middle class is fine work, it does not directly address extreme poverty


How Investment in Bottom Billion Fund Compares to Other Kinds of Microfinance Investment

  • Bottom Billion Fund provides a unique investment focus: Your donation works to benefit Bottom Billion people, the poorest people in the world with the greatest need
  • Your donation and social investment with the Bottom Billion Fund helps to grow an underserved and underfunded segment of microfinance
  • Your donation and social investment with the Bottom Billion Fund is applied specifically for the objective of ending extreme poverty
  • Bottom Billion Fund provides donors and social investors documented evidence of social returns achieved in the lives of the Bottom Billion clients it serves (and not just progress reports of growth and success of the MFI)
  • The original goal of much of microfinance was to help end extreme poverty, not microfinance for its own sake. Using microfinance to help the poorest leave extreme poverty has proved challenging but possible. By using donated capital and lending it to carefully selected MFIs at full commercial rates of interest, the BBF receives loan repayments that are set aside* and used to reward MFIs for their documented results in serving more Bottom Billion people and serving them well. We do this instead of paying a financial return to investors.

 *The Bottom Billion Fund does use a small percentage of interest on investments to help cover BBF costs of operation similar to the costs incurred by all other microfinance investment funds. When the Bottom Billion Fund reaches a large enough level of permanent loan capital, it will no longer need to raise donations to cover operating costs and will be able to put 100% of BBF donations and investment into BBF’s permanent loan capital.

  • The Bottom Billion Fund is for donors and social investors who share our commitment to serve more Bottom Billion people until all those who can make good use of Bottom Billion Microfinance are served and extreme poverty is history.

To make a donation to Bottom Billion Fund, please visit our fundraising page. 

To talk with Bottom Billion Fund regarding larger social investment opportunities, please contact Tom Coleman directly.