Our Investments / Our Investment Model

Through innovative investments in market-based, scalable and sustainable solutions, Bottom Billion Fund seeks to increase the efficiency, efficacy and speed by which microfinance investments can do more to end extreme poverty.

We are a pioneering investment partner for donors, social investors, impact investors and MFIs serious about making proven market models work harder to help end extreme poverty.

Bottom Billion Fund offers competitive market investments with financial incentives to exemplary MFIs already working successfully with Bottom Billion clients.  Our investments work harder by rewarding our MFI investees with interest rebates for effectively serving the Bottom Billion people, a population less profitable and more difficult to serve with microfinance than the comparatively wealthier “middle” poor.  When our MFI investees evidence how Bottom Billion Fund investments are helping to achieve positive financial and social gains in the lives of their Bottom Billion clients, Bottom Billion Fund financially rewards the results. This way, our MFI investees can generate an additional source of funding for their Bottom Billion programs not otherwise available via traditional market-based loans.  
Reward funding paid by Bottom Billion Fund to MFI investees must be used to further advance the financial empowerment and education of the extremely poor.



Bottom Billion Fund is an endorser of the Smart Campaign, a global consortium of microfinance leaders committed to protecting its clients by providing transparent, respectful and prudent financial services. 

Bottom Billion Fund is one of over 800 microfinance industry endorsers of MFTransparency, promoting transparent pricing in the microfinance industry

Bottom Billion Fund is a 501c3 registered nonprofit and verified by GuideStar.